Border Frontier is committed to building brands that shape a more human economy

We are

Vision & Mission

To advance a more human economy by connecting brands to social impact through innovation. We are the consultancy that helps brands re-imagine sustainability. At the heart of Border Frontier is our mission to craft brand-led sustainability and provide quality that builds brands for purpose, creativity, profitability and impact.

Lungiswa Mzimba

I am very passionate about ways in which brands can leverage opportunities, engage communities and responsibly deliver on their promise to serve and lead.  This is the space where we respond to the higher call for brands to advance a more human economy.  It is the ethos that drives our culture and we’re for brand leadership that goes beyond the bottom line.

Brand Story

We took our first steps in communications, then advanced to branding and now forging ahead sure-footed with impact and innovation.  We believe brands have a critical role play in sustainability and that means a changing narrative where brands take on a broader and more integrated role in the global development agenda. More on our story here.

Border Frontier has membership representation with these industry bodies:

We aim to create value through brand-led sustainable development.

Lungiswa Mzimba leads on the process to help you clarify your strategic intent, design the right mix of brand communication tools, and help you navigate challenges to build visibility, facilitate growth, and amplify your impact. 

Border Frontier is based in South Africa.

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