You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.




Border Frontier is a brand communications consultancy that helps brands re-imagine sustainability

We’ve set our sights on building your brand for value, for growth and for sustainability.  Our mission and vision navigates on the principles of opportunity, community and responsibility

Mission – Creating value by advancing you from corporate-led to brand-led sustainability

Vision – The select brand advisory for ideas that shape a more human economy



We take your vision and translate it into a practical brand design that delivers value

Our services include

Audit – Brand evaluation, research & analytics

Blueprint – Brand identity & communications plan

Coordination  – Brand management, Agency & Client liaison

For full-service solutions, we in-source complementary services from our network of contractors and vendors

Graphic & web design, Digital & social media marketing, Content production


We believe brands have the ability to do well & the responsibility to do good and our approach in crafting brand-led sustainability positions you for growth

You want to achieve sustained value creation

Customers want value and want to be valued




Our community inspire great ideas for great brands

They provide advice, industry insights, trade tools and connections for brand custodians working towards a thriving and vibrant economy

Our network includes education & civic organisations, social & commercial entrepreneurs, corporate & social impact investors and brand, creative & design thinkers

Lungiswa Mzimba

Founder & MD


I heard it said that a job is how you earn a living, a career is how you make your mark and a purpose is how you respond to a higher calling.  I´ve come to value and greatly esteem brilliant minds & identities that make their mark and respond to a higher calling by making it possible to promote and preserve the best things in life.  This is the space where brands do two of my favourite things, they lead & they serve.  It´s what I love most … when brand leadership has a vested interest beyond its bottom line, but also devises effective solutions for real change.  That´s what I respond to, brands that do well because they love and are well loved.


You’re intrigued and want to know more or you’re convinced you want us on board your brand journey.  Whatever your questions or ideas, it’s easy to make the connection and get in touch with us.  Tell us what’s on your mind.  We’d love to hear from you!

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